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welcome to my nintendo blog~~

miiverse: gardevoirs

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ngl im gonna miss this fandom bc its so nice and it feels like home to me but at the same time i??? idk i want a new start

im not gonna delete this blog bc im sure ill be back from time to time i think ill just call this a semi-hiatus (actually the whole thing could fail miserably but)

anyway this was pointless but it was nice meeting u all i will b around~

if anyone even cares my new blog is here!!!

i kind of wanna change the url but i’ll save the one im using atm and link to the new one so



and let the queen reign. ♕
[for karie]


jumping headfirst into my bath (︶ω︶)


Another print for Anime Expo, available at table E18 Papaya Arts! This one will mostly be available in small size, but I may print a couple large ones.

(Also I found another excuse to make a pretty starry background. Yep.)


i love pastel colors !!!